Figure 1.

Position of MHC and TRIM-B30.2 genes in the zebrafish genome. Green asterisks denote chromosomes with clusters of btr and ftr genes, and the number of these genes on the respective chromosome is shown below in green. MHC and MHC-paralogous genes are in magenta. Class II MHC genes have not been indicated; these are on chromosome 8 and not associated with any B30.2 TRIM. In addition, chromosome 16, which is rich in MHC-paralogous genes, has a few Trim-39-like genes not mentioned in [6]. In teleosts many rearrangements have caused the MHC elements that would normally be closely linked to be scattered; in this context, the loose linkage of TRIM genes to MHC genes is not unexpected. Modified from Figure 2 of [6].

Du Pasquier Journal of Biology 2009 8:50   doi:10.1186/jbiol150
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