Figure 4.

GDAsCNTF express GFAP and neurocan after transplantation into spinal cord injuries. (a) Intra-injury GDAsCNTF are uniformly GFAP+ within acute dorsal column injuries. Note the co-localization (yellow) of human placental alkaline phosphatase (hPAP, red) with GFAP (green). GDAsCNTF have also failed to align host astrocytic processes within injury margins. Survival, 8 days post-injury/transplantation. (b) High-magnification confocal image of neurocan immunoreactivity at the injury margin and within a GDACNTF-transplanted injury site at 8 days after injury/transplantation. Note that some GDAsCNTF are immunoreactive for neurocan (green). In contrast, intra-injury transplanted GDAsBMP (not shown) do not express GFAP or neurocan, and can align host astrocytic processes within injury margins [14]. Scale bars 100 μm.

Davies et al. Journal of Biology 2008 7:24   doi:10.1186/jbiol85
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