Figure 5.

Cell-type analyses of BrdU+ cells in control and 5-FU-treated animals at early and late time points after completion of treatment. Co-analysis of BrdU incorporation with antigen expression was conducted as described in Materials and methods. Both control and 5-FU-treated groups were analyzed at (a,b) day 1 and (c,d) day 56 to evaluate the immediate and long-term effects of 5-FU treatment. Results indicate that division of both DCX+ neuronal progenitors and Olig2+oligodendrocyte precursors was reduced by systemic exposure to 5-FU. In the CC, the reduction in apparent division of Olig2+ cells was proportionate to the overall reduction in all BrdU+ cells. In the SVZ, there was an enhanced reduction of DCX+ cells from among the BrdU+population at day 1 but not at day 56. In the DG, there was an enhanced reduction in the dividing DCX+ population at both day 1 and day 56. In addition, the proportion of GFAP+ cells in the CC was increased among the BrdU+ population at both time points examined. Data are mean ± s.e.m; *p < 0.05, in comparisons with control animals (confidence interval = 95%, by unpaired, two-tailed Student's t-test).

Han et al. Journal of Biology 2008 7:12   doi:10.1186/jbiol69
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