Figure 5.

An analysis of the overlap between genetic interactions and other modes of interaction. The number of genetically interacting gene pairs from SGI, Lehner [24], the transposed SGA dataset [12] and low-throughput 'fine genetic interactions' [43] (see text and Materials and methods) that also interacted through direct protein-protein interactions (PPI) [37], or were tightly coexpressed (coexpression) [38,40], or had similar phenotypic profiles (co-phenotype) [3,4,42] (see Materials and methods) was analyzed (x-axis). Only gene pairs tested in both relevant datasets are considered here. To account for the differences and disparity of genes tested in the various screens, the results are represented as the number of interactions that overlap between the two datasets as a function of the number of identical or homologous gene pairs tested in both studies (y-axis). Error bars indicate one unit of standard deviation assuming a binomial distribution.

Byrne et al. Journal of Biology 2007 6:8   doi:10.1186/jbiol58
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