Figure 2.

The SGI network. (a) The precision and recall of the 51 unique network variants, as calculated with respect to GO Biological Process annotation (see Materials and methods). The high-confidence variant is highlighted in pink and the SGI variant in teal. (b) The SGI network contains 1,246 unique synthetic genetic interactions, of which 833 (67%) are between a query gene and a gene in the signaling set, and 413 (33%) are between a query gene and a gene in the LGIII set. Visualization generated with Cytoscape [85]. (c) The percentage of target interactions per query gene in both the signaling (dark-blue) and the LGIII (light-blue) networks. The raw number of interacting target genes in each experiment (signaling, LGIII) is shown below each bar. The error bars represent one standard deviation assuming a binomial distribution.

Byrne et al. Journal of Biology 2007 6:8   doi:10.1186/jbiol58
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