Figure 1.

Characterization of the LC interaction dataset. (a) The total number of interactions in the LC dataset (left) and standard HTP datasets (right). Protein-protein interactions, blue; gene-gene interactions, yellow. (b) The number of publications that contain interaction data (red) and the number of interactions reported per year (light blue). (c) The number of interactions annotated for each experimental method. In this panel and all subsequent figures, each dataset is color coded as follows: LC-PI, blue; HTP-PI, red; LC-GI, aquamarine; HTP-GI, pink. (d) Number of interactions per publication in LC-GI and LC-PI datasets. Publications were binned by the number of interactions reported. The total number of papers and interactions in each bin is shown above each bar.

Reguly et al. Journal of Biology 2006 5:11   doi:10.1186/jbiol36
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