Figure 5.

A comparison of GFP+ axon and host astrocyte alignment in GDA- versus GRP- transplanted lesion margins at 8 days after injury. (a) A high-magnification image showing aligned axon growth (green) associated with aligned GFAP+ host astrocytic processes (red) in the caudal margin of a GDA-transplanted lesion. (b) In contrast, GFAP+ astrocytic processes (green) are misaligned in the caudal margin of a GRP-transplanted lesion (red). (c) A high-power confocal image showing GFP+ axons displaying tortuous, misaligned patterns of growth and dystrophic end bulbs (arrowhead) within the astrogliotic caudal margin of a GRP-transplanted lesion. Scale bars: (a) 25 μm; (b,c) 50 μm.

Davies et al. Journal of Biology 2006 5:7   doi:10.1186/jbiol35
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