Figure 1.

Scatterplots of hybridization intensities from wild-type female and male tissues. Hybridization intensities for XX;AA vs X;AA are plotted along the y-and x-axis respectively. Data points correspond to elements reporting autosomal genes (black) and X-chromosome genes (red). (a) Germlineless XX;AA female progeny of homozygous tudor1 (tud1)) mothers (tud+ being required for germ cell formation) compared with their germlineless X;AA male siblings; (b) XX;AA wild-type ovaries compared with X;AA wild-type testes from siblings. The expected twofold difference in gene expression in the absence of X-chromosome dosage compensation is shown as a red line.

Gupta et al. Journal of Biology 2006 5:3   doi:10.1186/jbiol30
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