Figure 4.

Impaired ocular growth in Tgfbr2-mutant mice leads to microphthalmia. (a) The developing eyes and (b-e) eye compartments of Tgfbr2-mutant and control embryos are of comparable size at E13.5, but subsequently, the eyes of Tgfbr2-mutant mice are smaller than controls. (c) The growth of the lens is comparable, but (b) the thickness of the cornea and (d) vitreous (measured as the distance between the lens and the optic-nerve disc) are drastically decreased in Tgfbr2-mutant mice. (e) In contrast, the thickness of the retina is increased in the mutant. For each time point, mid-organ sagittal sections of both eyes were analyzed for at least three mice.

Ittner et al. Journal of Biology 2005 4:11   doi:10.1186/jbiol29
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