Figure 8.

A co-RNAi screen for modifiers of Pten-dsRNA phenotype. Microtubules are visualized by α-tubulin immunostaining. (a) Control Kc167 cells exhibited normal, round morphology. (b) In response to Pten dsRNA at the same concentration as the original screening conditions, Kc167 cells were bipolar and spindle-shaped with microtubule extensions (arrows). (c) In response to a relatively low concentration of Pten dsRNA, the conditions used for the modifier screen, Kc167 cells exhibited a less pronounced phenotype with asymmetric microtubule accumulation (arrowheads). Specific dsRNA suppressors of the Pten-RNAi-induced cell shape restored the normal, round cell morphology and microtubule organization, identifying (d) Pi3K92E, (e) Akt1 and (f) LIMK1.

Kiger et al. Journal of Biology 2003 2:27   doi:10.1186/1475-4924-2-27