Figure 5.

EDG1, PAK2, Grb7 and TRAC-1 expression in normal human tissues and lymphocyte subsets. (a,b) Northern blot analysis using multi-tissue blot (Clontech). The following genes are shown: (a) EDG1 and PAK2; (b) Grb7 and TRAC-1. (c-f) Semi-quantitative PCR analysis of gene expression in lymphocyte subsets. The cDNA templates were obtained from CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, CD19+ B cells, or CD14+monocytes (human blood fractions MTC panel from Clontech). Specific target primers or control primers were used in PCR reactions. The following genes are shown: (c) EDG1; (d) PAK2; (e) Grb7; (f) TRAC-1.

Chu et al. Journal of Biology 2003 2:21   doi:10.1186/1475-4924-2-21