Figure S3.

The impacts of different stresses on the effects of mutations on growth rates. (a-g) Growth rates of the individual mutants (dots) and the parental strain (gray square) under the different stresses, plotted against their growth in the favorable environment. The solid off-diagonal line describes the equal-effect line. Mutations above (or below) this line, shown in green (or red) are alleviated (or aggravated) under stress. (a'-g') The distribution of distances of mutations from the equal-effect line. The area below the lines is normalized to 1. Lethality or very slow growth under the stress is represented by 'L' on the x axis. Positive (or negative) distance corresponds to mutations alleviated (or aggravated) under the stress.

Kishony and Leibler Journal of Biology 2003 2:14   doi:10.1186/1475-4924-2-14