Figure 2.

Similarly expressed adjacent genes on the left arm of Drosophila chromosome 2 (2L). (a) Ratiograms show the relative expression of all gene groups on 2L that are significant at p < 10-2. In each ratiogram, columns represent individual experimental conditions and rows represent individual genes. For each square on the resulting grid, red denotes relative expression higher than the average for a gene in an experiment, green denotes lower relative expression and black indicates that the expression is equal to the average. The black bar represents the chromosome, and the ticks along its left side mark 1 megabase (Mb) distances. The black shapes link the positions of groups on 2L to the expanded views of certain groups that are shown in (b,c). (b) An expanded view of about 5 Mb. (c) The genes in two groups are shown in detail. The CT (computed transcript identifier), CG (computed gene identifier), and gene name are shown for each of the genes in these two groups. Each of the two expanded sections represents one group.

Spellman and Rubin Journal of Biology 2002 1:5   doi:10.1186/1475-4924-1-5